East Cape farmers under siege: New crime figures indicate an attack in province every two weeks

Residents from 13 communities on the Cape Flats, plan to shut down the entrances and exits of their communities to highlight the shortage of affordable housing opportunities in Cape Town

DA COUNCILLOR HELPS ANC TAKE CONTROL OF CEDERBERG MUNICIPALITY – ANC member elected themselves to executive posts when the DA caucus walked out

Nuwe kiesbeleid veroorsaak skokgolwe in rugby kringe! Westelike Provinsie gaan ’n nuwe kwotastelsel vir Cravenweekspan instel waarvolgens die getal spelers uit voormalige model C-skole beperk word

Western Cape is becoming a war zone! Sadly there is only 1 cop for every 509 people in the province

Fights between gangs are getting worse:- Gang ‘bloodbath’ claims 14 lives in 24 hours on Cape Flats

Shocking statistics:- 1875 murdered in the Cape in 6 months

Wes-Kaapse boere word deur barbare afgemaai tydens voortslepende plaasaanvalle terwyl ANC-regime blindelings weg kyk

Tourism agencies supplying air tickets and accommodation to members of Parliament have been accused of collusion by the Competition Commission

Illegal land grabbers started to erect houses at the Green Point bowling green