Steel plant in Saldanha closes, 900 employees retrenched

Vergadering gehou in Kimberley word oproerig na diamantdelwers en zama-zama goud myners met wapens opdaag

Automotive giant VW is in a bid to keep ex-staff and EFF from entering its premises after the dismissal of 1,386 former employees back in 2001

Chaos is once again the order of the day in Cape Town – Protesters stone cars, block roads

Female students shamelessly showing of their naked breast during Black Monday and say they are living in fear at CPUT campuses

Hoop Skiet Wortel! Hier is jou kans om by te dra en deel te word van ons strewe na self beskikking met Eureka Bpk

SANDF Deployment does not stop gang violence in Western Cape – ANC regime does not have ability to take control over crime

278 stukke staatsgrond geïdentifiseer in Wes-Kaap vir herverspreiding – nog grond wat nutteloos sal wees wanneer uitgedeel word tussen onopgeleide mense

East Cape farmers under siege: New crime figures indicate an attack in province every two weeks

Residents from 13 communities on the Cape Flats, plan to shut down the entrances and exits of their communities to highlight the shortage of affordable housing opportunities in Cape Town