The yearning for an independent Cape Republic is not only alive and well, it’s growing stronger!

About eight years ago I wrote a few articles on the prospect of an Independent Cape Republic on the old SA Sucks website which I later copied to here:

What future is there for whites and other minorities in South Africa

South Africa: Civil war or peaceful split?

At the time there were a lot of naysayers and outright animosity over my proposal. Some even accused me of sedition. I was quite surprised and taken aback, seeing that article 235 in our constitution allows for self determination. The constitution also allows for freedom of expression and association.

Shortly after my article, Jack Miller started the Cape Party which I endorsed in 2009. They received 2,552 votes.

Just for the record. I am not a member of the Cape Party. I am not a member of ANY political party.

On 17 March 2009, the party’s website was defaced by vandals. The website was replaced with an image of a “black devil” and the words “fuck off”. They blamed the ANC or the DA.

In 2011, 2500 of their election posters went missing in three weeks and replaced with DA posters. To me it was a sign that somewhere, this idea of an independent Cape Republic struck a few nerves.

Of course my proposal was that the northern border should be the Orange River and the Eastern Border should be the Kei River.

These are natural borders and a small section from Aliwal North to Queenstown (167km on the N6) through the Southern Drakensberg mountains will be the rest of the Eastern Border. See Map above.

I chose this area, because from a historical point of view, this part of SA was never settled by any black tribe and they have therefore no claim to it. Only whites and coloureds can lay claim here. It is also militarily defensible and it will have several major ports such as Saldanha, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and East London.

Like I said initially there was a lot of resistance, but over the years we have seen a steady flow of support for this idea.

The Western Cape Politician Peter Marais wants a referendum to determine if the Western Cape should become a Federal State so that inhabitants can take decisions without interference of the ANC government.

Last Friday on Radio Tygerberg he and businessman Hein Marx said a federal Cape is “an achievable prospect”.

Marais also said that it is the only way to protect the inhabitant’s culture, language and religion. The Western Cape is 51% coloured and 80% Afrikaans.

Coloureds in the Cape yearning for a federal state

He ended his talk with, “I want to reiterate that this is just a proposal. Anybody with a better plan is welcome to lay it on the table.”

Well don’t mind if I do…

An independent Cape was for me always only a starting point. A consolidation and building up of forces. Stage one if you like. Taking back our country the Republic of South Africa is stage two…

By Mike Smith
15 June 2015

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