The Cape Party’s 20 Point Agenda for Local Government in The Cape, Towards Independence:

The Cape Party which is contesting local elections on certain wards in the Cape has issued a 20 point agenda as a election manifesto: 
1. To ensure that every Councillor has a line open & available for all Rate Payers, to pro-actively reach out to, connect with, engage and communicate with ward constituents on a continues basis.

2. To inform all constituents of council matters effectively, efficiently and regularly, to be in touch with the needs of residents and to make appropriate decisions based on the real needs of the people we serve.

3. To ensure that all constituents can access government services and that they get advice and assistance with problems, to resolve all issues without any delay and to answer all correspondence.

4. To make decisions on behalf all constituents in an inclusive, fair, fearless, transparent, accountable, competent, urgent and principled manner, to foster and promote peace, prosperity, law and order in the community through the imaginative use of all available resources.

5. Never to use, take or benefit from any municipal property or assets or tenders to which it does not have a right to and to guard against any other official that may want to do so.

6. To aggressively root out all forms of corruption, incompetence and non-performance without fear or favour.

7. To declare all Local Government services to be Essential Services & criminalise Industrial action, never to re-employ employees of other Local Governments fired for incompetency or unacceptable behaviour.

8. To ensure that all municipal employees are properly qualified, competent and are performing in terms of their employment contracts and that they at all times serve the public with respect, urgency and finality.

9. To give employment preference to local, properly qualified residents based on a non-racial merit system.

10. To create ward Committees of Rate Payers to ensure quality budget expenditure, to ring-fence rates & services income for use in the area it came from and to only cross-subsidise areas under funded, by open ballot and mandate from area cross-subsidising, once surpluses are declared.

11. To affect efficient and fair debt collection and to transfer electricity and water to the community without adding additional fees.

12. To provide all pensioners with special concessions and indemnities on all municipality rates, taxes and services to protect and cherish them at all times.

13. To make use of, protect and support local business based on their quality of service and affordability. Tenders will be awarded in an open non-racial adjudication system.

14. International investors will be pursued in an aggressive manner.

15. To take effective and appropriate steps to prevent fruitless and wasteful expenditure to institute criminal and/or disciplinary steps against any official in the service of the municipality who makes or permits fruitless and wasteful expenditure and to recover from that person liable the wasted expenditure.

16. To enforce a zero tolerance approach towards traffic violations(taxis included) for every misdemeanour committed and to aggressively address the drug trade and drug addiction related problems.

17. To make use of, protect and support local farmers and to protect and support their workers and to give total support, training and opportunities to aspiring farmers regardless of race.

18. To make housing waiting lists available for public scrutiny and to urgently prioritise the Housing of all local constituents.

19. To ensure that everybody regardless of race have the opportunity to earn a living be it through self-employment or ample employment opportunities.

20. To aggressively expand, support and globalise the local tourism industry.

Cape Party

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