Free from racist ANC destruction in an independent Cape

Our current political system makes South Africa fertile ground for destruction and there is only one way to free yourself from it. An independent Cape offers you a peaceful and prosperous non-racial first world state, free from idiots like the EFF and ANC.

Why do you need an independent Cape, governed by a direct democracy?

Because it’s only with a totally independent Cape that you will be free from the destruction that the Racist ANC has created in Coligny and the rest of SA.

In an independent Cape, With a direct Democracy the current situation in Coligny will never happen.
This situation will not happen in a direct democracy for the following reasons;

Parents will be responsible and able to properly take care of their children, because all local people will be employed by the local government structures such as Hospitals, Courts, Police, Manpower and also local businesses will be able to deal with the local government which will create abundance of employment.

Unlike the current system of BBBEE and AA that gives local employment to outsiders and friends and family of the ANC.
Thus Kids will not go hungry or be exposed to the temptation to do naughty things which will get them into trouble.

Control of the police will be vested in the local community and local police will be persons from the community thus the police will have a vested interests in swiftly resolving what should have been a minor theft charge by swift and effective reaction and investigation on the first complaint instead of showing zero interest and allowing members of the public to arrest and convey alleged perpetrators for them.

In a direct democracy there will be no space for idiotic politicians like the EFF and Mahumapelo, the ANC premier of the North West who uses a tragic and preventable incident to stir up racist’s emotions for their own selfish gain.

In a direct democracy you choose the politician who will represent you, and if he acts like Mahumapelo did, then you simply remove him, unlike the system that you currently have wherein you vote for a party who then chooses the person they think must represent you.
That person’s loyalty will always be to the party who employs him and not with you.

Source:  Cape Party- Weskus Streek

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