The Cape Secedes from South Africa! Khoi King Khoebaha III Declares The Sovereign State of Good Hope Independent!

Time for #Wexit? (Western Cape) – A year ago Steve Hofmeyr wanted to save RSA, now, (After BRexit) he too wants Cape Independence. What has changed?

Is it really possible for the Cape Republic to be Independent? YES!

Hoe sal dit wees as die EFF in die Swartland Munisipaliteit ingestem word? Vra Cape Party

ANC Regime Ontneem Bruinmense van Perlemoen Visregte Om Dit Aan Hul Onerfare Swart Kiesers te Gee

Tyd vir Die Kaap, Federale Afrikaner Tuisland! Minderhede MOET saamstaan vir ons regte!

Transformation, government puppets and cronies destroying traditional fishing, something even Apartheid never did.

Cape oil and gas sector to drive economic growth – for who?

Het Kommuniste Federalisme Geheel en Al Beduiwel en Vermoor?

Gauteng Residents Are Now Buying Up Cape Town Instead of Kwazulu Natal