UK Foreign Office issued a warning to visitors of Table Mountain after Ukranian businessman was killed during a hike at tourist hot-spot

Western-Cape: 21 shootings; 20 stabbings; and 5 murders occurred this weekend – SANDF presence not making any impact in, Murders increase by 46%

Latest study finds over 6,000 people living on the streets of Cape Town

Garden Route blackout: A main transmission line has gone down in the Southern Cape, Towns plunged into darkness by Eskom fault

Army deployment to the Western Cape to help the police quell gang violence will cost R23.4m

Uber bestuurder kop in een mus met misdadigers? – Bolandse gesin word gekaap en besteel In Stellenbosch

43 killed in another bloody weekend in Cape Town – 25 were shot and 12 stabbed

Boer skiet drie betogers buite Uniondale in Wes-Kaap na geweld uitbreek

SANDF deployed to Cape Town’s gang-infested areas to curb crime, but no army deployed to curb farm murders?

Sisulu wants her Dept to be first to benefit from Land Expropriation Law and the city of Cape Town is at the top of her list for expropriation