DA’s new African Nationalism ideology is in direct conflict with the interest of the communities of the Western Cape

Some factual statistics about the DA to consider; The DA has recently changed its ideology to that of African Nationalism from a previously Liberalism ideology.

Discover it for yourself here:

African nationalism is an umbrella term which emerged under European colonial rule during the 19th and 20th centuries and it plays an important role in forcing the process of decolonisation of Africa.

The DA received 4,091,584 votes in the last election of which 1,259,645 votes come from the Western Cape.

This means that by far the DA majority support is based in the Western Cape.
The demographics of the Western Cape consists of 32.8% Black African, and coincidentally the ANC received 32.89% of the vote in the Western Cape.
Then the remaining 68% of the Western Cape demographics consists of coloured and white communities.


What benefit does the ideology of African Nationalism hold for the 68% coloured and white communities of the Western Cape?

Is this ideology not in direct conflict with the interest of the coloured and white communities of the Western Cape?

When did the new DA get the mandate from the majority of their supports to adopt an ideology that is in direct conflict with them?

When was the DA intending to make public this change in their ideology?
Is the DA abusing the funding, support and trust of their Western Cape constituency in order to gain the favour of the majority of South African voter at the expense of the people of the Western Cape?

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